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Kindle Touch/Calibre/Sideloaded Mobi's - issues with page turns

I recently bought a Kindle Touch and sideloaded some of my Calibre library via USB. The Kindle itself also synced my purchased books onto the device.

The issue I have with the sideloaded books is when I tap to turn the page, it will jump back to the beginning of the chapter. If there are no chapter breaks, it will jump back to the beginning of the book. Then I'll either have to continually tap to get back to where I was (again, most likely getting kicked back to the beginning) or using the "Go to" "Location" function (and trying to remember where that was).

I've noticed the locations change during this process. Maybe it's not exactly that the location number changed as much as the formatting of the mobi file has? For example, say the page I WAS on starts with the sentence, "The quick brown fox..." I'll read to the bottom of the page and tap to go forward, but quickly see that I'm at Location 5000 (I'm assuming page numbers just don't work on sideloaded mobi files). I get kicked back to the beginning of the book - the title page. But then I'll go to location 5000 through the menu. I'll then notice that "the quick brown fox..." is now somewhere in the middle of the page. My theory is that the Kindle Touch can't handle the formatting of the mobi file is constantly fiddling with the justifications, spacing, etc. But of course, that's just a theory.

HELP! This is unbelievable frustrating! I can't seem to recreate the issue with books purchased and synced through Amazon, only the books purchased elsewhere and converted by Calibre to mobi. Has anybody else experienced this issue? Amazon tech support was no help either.

I've tried hard reset/factory default on the Kindle Touch. Is there anything I can try in Calibre?
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