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I went ahead and removed all copyrighted info from the site and updated the previous post accordingly. I put that there as just a test sample, the final version will be in a private site (as was originally stated).

Moving forward...I would like to make this work, and moreover make it work for anybody and everybody. I do know PHP, however I am not familiar with Smarty.

It seems from the script that the filename is taken from somewhere other than the extended path. When I checked to make sure, I was correct that the full path was available to DoBookFormat::do_work() even without it being in the URL anywhere. In what configurations would this not also be the case?

I'm going to attempt to make it happen with a new tpl and meta refresh. Will let you know how it goes (or just check it out, the links are above)

Would it be possible to make a tpl that starts the download using META REFRESH and also gives a link ("The file should download, but if it doesn't, click this link" kind of thing) or just place direct links in the book lists? (perhaps a config option to do one or the other)

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