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Reader vs. Tablet

"If you want a great ereader that does other stuff like browse the web, plays videos, plays games, the Vox is pretty darn good. If you want an internet tablet that you'll use to read books, there are better choices for sure."

Am I missing something? If it does all that it is no longer a Reader. I would like a "Reader", no more than 6.5" max that sends and receives messages as the Apple Classic does, but on the net, more than that is just not necessary, and even that isn't. I just want to read, but more specifically, have a good reference book. (I suppose reference to most means the web again and we are back to a tablet.) B&W is fine, with a calendar, an mp3 player, room for a lot of books, dictionaries, reference, nice design, solidly built, annotation maybe, and hold the tech hassles. I have been waiting for 8 yrs and will just have to wait until the next model comes out ... and the next. I can wait.
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