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custom suspend and shutdown timeout configuration scripts

Originally Posted by tuxor View Post
I haven't tested it yet, but anyway: Thank your very, very much! Now I can mess around with the *db-files in the /root/ directory without transfering them back and forth all the time
Very much welcome.
As an example on how to use them, please consider the attached pm_config scripts. (tuxor: this sentence was not for you, of course )

They use the (installed) sqlite binaries ( ) , and allow to set custom timeout values for suspend and shutdown. (Lacking a way to trigger config reload, the values take effect after a reboot)

Please mind that they mess with your device's configuration.
I've done my best to insert some sanity checks, but please back up your important data before using them.
I won't accept liability if they destroy your data, force you to reinstall the firmware, or eat the newborn puppies of your pet.

Please read the entire readme.txt before using them, so you'll know how to handle problems, if any should ever occur.
If you should have set so short a timeout that you have trouble using the device afterwards (e.g., it is not a very good idea to set a 1 second shutdown timeout ) _and_ did reboot before thinking about it:
The power manager does not suspend/shutdown as long as the device is externally powered. Connect it to the power plug, and you should have time to fix things.

Otherwise: enjoy.

01/04/12 01:29h+01:00 : safety update (fixed bug allowing users to accidentally set milisecond timeouts + added dump of actual raw db values into config file to allow sanity checks by users) - update recommended

17/07/13: I noticed that the database fields seem to be filled out once the power management setting has been changed at least once via the Onyx setup tool. Thus: if you miss the current values in the config file after executing the get_config script, change the power setting (selecting a different entry(!)), then try get_config again.
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