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Originally Posted by Koudijs View Post
I am interested in a generic Boox developer community (which is not necessarily attached to Onyx). The Boox user community is already quite small so I think that we can only give the developer community some body by covering different models. At source level the A60 and M92 have more commonalities than differences so this should be possible.
I agree.

Originally Posted by Koudijs View Post
I understand that you would like to see a community that operates in close cooperation with Onyx. This probably would be the most effective but the question is if Onyx will provide the platform for this.
I know - that's why I created this thread to see whether we can gather enough people to make it attractive to Onyx to open up.
I seriously don't know whether it'll work, but I deem it worth a try.
If it worked, it'd save the community a lot of overhead, and they'll get something out of it, too.

Originally Posted by Koudijs View Post
For the OpenBOOX project I have choosen to not depend too much on Onyx. This way I am able to provide an alternative for the Onyx firmware, it also gives more possibilities to attract users with unique features. Besides this it is also a result of the fact that only a part of the Onyx code is open, the sources of the system manager and main user interface are not available (it can very well be that it doesn't contain GPL code).

What I did last year is that I started to develop an open source user interface, you can see it in action on the projects YouTube channel. The source code is available on SourceForge. Currently it has some hardcoded references to the A60 screen resolution but it should be possible to remove these and make it run on the M92 as well.
I saw (though I wasn't sure whether you actually rewrote the GUI or whether you worked around the existing one).
My main interest lies in a couple of features/bug fixes I already have a rough idea on how to hack, and the time I have for such projects unfortunately is limited.

I agree that porting OpenBOOX to the M92 should be not too much work per se.
The thing I'm not sure about (and that's the reason why I'm first trying to poke Onyx, as it seems a completely different order of magnitude in work to me) is annotation support. I gather that the A60 does not support annotations(?), and guess that this is still missing in OpenBOOX(?) - which I assume to be quite some work to be done.

Some of the annotation support stuff may even be connected to the Adobe reader(?). (btw. I'd need to check on whether I can find that one in the file system, or whether it's part of the missing components... does OpenBOOX include them?)

If we'd have sufficient folks working on that, it might be a real option.
I have to admit that GUI programming is neither my forte nor my real interest. I always considered it more of a nuisance than fun when I had to deal with it. :P

Maybe we should open a thread to discuss the work that'd have to be done to port/extend OpenBOOX?
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