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Device: cybook opus
go back to factory settings


I just buy a second hand cybook opus. I use openSUSE Linux.

I could the first time I connected it to my computer copy books to the opus memory.

But these books where not that interesting (free books, some pdf, some epub) and I want to remove them.

I can't...

I can remove some books (and did), but now when I try to remove them the cursor simply go to the next one.

I can neither anymore connect to the computer read write.

When I plug the usb cable, the device is seen and I can mount it, but only read only.

The internal memory is not partitionned, so YaST can't set the rw mount option, mounting manually do not accept rw and changing the mod attribute neither.

It looks like there was an interrupted operation that caused problem.

I also have harry potter or jules vernes books already loaded and I want to get rid of them and can't, so the best thing for me would be to reset the opus to the factory contents, but I don't know how to do. I have no paid books inside (yet).

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