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About dictionaries

I wanted an English dictionary for my Cybook Gen3, so as a good mobilereader I searched the forums and ended up with

and the threads mentioned in there.

As usual, the mix of features I wanted does not exist, e.g. I like illustrations, etymology, learner's aid. After doubting between Chambers and Oxford, I went for the Oxford Advanced Learner 7th ed, because I have a 6th ed paperback copy, I like it and was quite happy to get rid of the brick. However
  1. Illustrations are disabled on the Cybook, only work on PC
  2. Even on PC illustrations have been cut down. It does have the small ones, but it's missing the nicer, big ones, see e.g. boats, body. Maybe a real change 6th->7th ed, but I think it's the electronic edition
  3. On Cybook I cannot lookup words directly in the dictionary, I get "Indexes not supported in this version". Obviously due to the Cybook version of mobipocket reader.

So basically I get the best of those $36 only on my laptop, where I already have the Internet helping me.

Also, Cybook already comes with a demo of Pocket Oxford English Dictionary, only letter L available. When I look up say "large" I am presented with two choices, corresponding to the two dictionaries installed. Never remember which is which though, so is there a way to select a default dictionary?
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