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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
If the command you used is "as posted" and not a typo here -
Then your source (InFile, if= ) and destination (OutFile, of= ) options are reversed.
The command "as posted" is reading from the mmc not writing to it.

It might also be that you left out some of what you did from this post.
Could you confirm the details of what you tried please?
I did right as I posted.
dd.. then fastboot flash..
But if I didn't write main kernel with dd, but copied it, fastboot should have been written it right back. So I guess it's ok that nothing good happened.

But suddenly USBnetwork stopped working!
"lsusb" shows no Kindle device.

I tryed to flash diags again, but it still is not working.

May be someone can backup full mmcblk0? Is it at least possible?

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