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pcampbell began at the beginning.
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Its me again

Originally Posted by themechaniac View Post
Sxpartax check drunkmonk's post above. Maybe you have a bad memory card, which would have caused your problem in the beginning.
I can confirm with about 98% certainty that the problem is corrupt memory cards. By flashing the backup image it corrects the structure of the memory card, hence working again.

Originally Posted by themechaniac View Post
I am not a Linux guru and managed to copy the image to my stock Kobo card (so it was OK)
Yeah it isn't to bad going the linux route, personaly I recommend it!

Originally Posted by themechaniac View Post
If this doesn't work I would go Drunk monks route --get a new card, maybe new card reader and adapter. Really desperate try the Windows program
I've updated the original post with DrunkMonk's windows guide. DrunkMonk awesome work!!!

Originally Posted by themechaniac View Post
My wife's Kobo Vox has been running perfectly since I reinstalled the image and made two different backups.
I can't get it away from her to do any experimenting
LOL same here, I bought another for myself for that very reason

And by the way, this thread is becoming quite infromative and helpful. I realy do appreciate all the help people are offering to others. Its something I like to see. So to everyone, MUCHO GRACIAS!

Ok, back to work for me. I will be more active here in the forums next month. "Good night, and good luck"

PS: again, cookie for anyone who knows that quote
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