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Friday13th began at the beginning.
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I was really shoked after reading this thread.
But for me things are clear and i dont understand the discussion.

In Germany you have 24 month of warranty (Gewährleistung) directly from the vendor and in the first 6 month of the warranty the vendor has to proof that YOU broke the screen by MISusing the device.
The screen doesnt have to be broken before getting to you. If you always use the device exactly for what it is sold (reading) and the screen breaks than it is because of poor material quality. The warranty covers any defect caused by using the device exactly for the things it is sold for.

So Booxtor it is your turn to proof that the defect is caused on misusing the device and not on poor material.

for example:
a normal m92 has a good stability of the housing and this is prtecting the screen for getting broken by normal pressure on the screen.
now i have a m92 with any kind of abnormality what couses a lower stability of the device and the display is breaking after normal usage, which would never causes a broken display by a normal m92.
-----> warranty case

and maybe exactly something like this was happening.
poor building quality --> screen is breaking a lot easier and doesnt need MISusing the device for breaking the screen.

i forgot one thing.
Booxtor you are saying that it is really hard to break a m92 screen. so if the broken screen was caused of mistreatment of the device there would be any sign of the mistreatment and fokus should have known that the device is not frozen (i assume that nobody is lying here).
the pictures doesnt look like there was a mistreatment, which would be strong enough to break the screen of a normal m92.

you are writing
"If the glass of the screen is broken it is obviously a kind of a sign of mistreatment. Fault in material is excluded, since the ereader has worked a quite long time (two months)."

what makes it obviously to a sign of mistreatment?
in my world two month are everything but NOT a LONG time.
in my world it is exactly the other way. if there is a broken screen without any visible damage on the device after 2 month, this is a perfect example for what the warranty stands for.

and sorry, but it is not a problem of the customer if the manufactor is not accepting some defect deviced, thats a thing you have to clarify with onyx.

and last but not least:
i dont want to say that the broken screen was not caused on mistreatment.
just prove that is was a damage coused by fokus.
all the stuff you wrote in this thread is not a prove, it looks like it was exactly the opposide:
a prove that there could not be a broken screen without any sign of mistreatment if the device has the same quality like all the other devices.

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