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mccarrsw began at the beginning.
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Day four:

"Your account has been closed for kindle free replacement abuse.

We understand your viewpoint regarding the cancellation of your account, and we're sorry that you're so disappointed by our decision."

In one hand, it's nice to get a clearer reply. On the other, it doesn't tally with what I was previously told about my account being closed because it had been associated with another closed account.

I'm not sure what constitutes 'abuse' in this case. Whether my email address or account has been used on previously returned Kindles. Or whether this has all happened because I tried to return a store-bought Kindle to Amazon.

In regards to the latter, when I spoke to technical support, they asked if I had bought the Kindle via Amazon and I hold him where and when I bought it. He said that was fine, so I don't know.

Politeness seems to be helping things progress, even if slowly. It would be nice to get one of the account representatives to speak over the phone.
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