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and this is why i download ALL the ebooks i get, from amazon especially, to my hd. if they shut my account big, i'll get my books elsewhere, but the ebooks i PAID for? are mine and that's that.

shutting my account down would be shooting themselves in the foot though, because i shop FREQUENTLY on Amazon!

meh...i've been taught "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". if i were in your sitch? i'd be calling Amazon OFTEN, and as others have said, cataloging conversations, or really ANY contact at all. i was a social work major back in the day and they drilled it into us "document!! document!! document!!" aka CYA!! i'd keep on.

once i had an issue with an ebay seller. i had 100% pos. feedback and this joker thought he was going to screw that up? eh no. took me 3 months and digging up the EBAY CEO email but i got what I wanted and the LOUSY ebay seller? well, he got his pp wacked! heh! keep in mind i kept ALL emails and or correspondence with this joker.

BE PERSISTENT!! no one can guarantee you'll get the outcome you want, but worst case scenario you can at least say you tried your best.

*and pollyanna azri walks off stage left*
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