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In reply to some of the recent posts: actually, I thought patience may be a good thing. As I'm new here, my first experience of this forum was watching the other thread turn into off-topic mush and arguments while I quickly searched around for information. Fair enough if you're cynical, but I've no intention of being drawn into other arguments. My issue is with the invisible folks at Amazon, not the invisible folks here.

Anyway, not a great deal to add today.

Two brief quotes from the latest email exchange:

“Considering the nature of the problems occurred, your account was closed. Closure was after careful review; we wont reinstate it.”

“Since you purchased the device from Best Buy, they will be able to help you.”

For the former, I'm still reluctant to budge. If any rules have been broken, then I may have been the victim of fraud. It seems unlikely as I only usually access Amazon from home and not mobile. But it's still a concern, seeing as they stored all my personal details and credit card data.

Latterly, Best Buy to me is not an acceptable solution. Not only is there no Best Buy in the Netherlands, it's also moved out of the UK. And their remaining terms of service state that any faulty goods that are older than 30 days should be returned to the manufacturer.

And now I wait till tomorrow for a response...

Oh, one last thought on my behalf. I tried googling this, but I only really find information about sellers. Is it fine that both myself and my partner had separate Amazon accounts but share a household? It's the only thing I have to go on, but as I stated originally, we've both had accounts for approx 9/10 years and it was never a problem. His account is still active as normal, but he's getting worried about being shut down because he shares the same IP that I last used before the lockdown.
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