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mobi -> pdf; top & bottom margins 0, links disabled

Using Calibre v.0.8.4 in Windows XP, I'm trying to convert a mobibook to pdf. When I use the direct conversion from mobi to pdf in Calibre, most everything works well (using some custom settings), except for two problems:

1. Calibre responds correctly to setting right and left margins in "Page Setup", but top and bottom margins on the pdf page come out to be 0, regardless of what value I set them to.

2. The mobibook has internal links (shown in blue), e.g. from chapter headings in the TOC to the actual chapter locations and from footnote numbers in the text to the notes in the back, and the reverse. These links are active in the mobibook, read in Mobipocket Reader or in Calibre's e-book viewer.

They are also active in the final pdf, if I go the following conversion route: mobibook -> html, using 'ebook-convert .oeb --debug ./' in the CLI in Linux, then feeding the unpacked html file found in the 'input' dir into htmldoc v.1.8.27 (after converting UTF-8 to ISO-1859-1). Much of the formatting is gone in that conversion (that version of htmldoc supports neither UTF-8 nor external or internal css) but the links still work in the pdf.

They are not active in the pdf converted directly from mobi in the Calibre GUI. Somewhere in that conversion the links have been disabled.

How can I fix these two problems?
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