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thanks for all the posts. I got my synch back.
I must say that now there are even more steps but for me still worth the extra minute or two this now adds.

-open my book in calibre and convert it to mobi
-open this new mobi file in MobiMetaEditor and add the 113 asin number provided on the amazon site (and ensure that the 501 is EBOK and save the file
-sideload this new file to my kindle by drilling down to the documents folder from my computer
-sideload this same file to the Apps/ using iexplorer
-sideload this same file to D:\My Documents\My eBooks\My Kindle Content
-open it on my kindle and go chapter 1 page 2, close book, repopen and close again
-open it on my ipod and it synchs automatically (but the synch button is greyed whatever)
-open the app kindle pc and then open the book and it synch's automatically... or sometimes I click on synch now

this works for me.
I have:
kindle3 keyboard ver 3.3
ipod touch (the one with the camera) ios 5.1 and kindle 3.0.1
running pc kindle ver 1.9.1 on windows xp
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