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Originally Posted by kacir View Post
I firmly believe that even if your account is suspended forever [justly or otherwise] you still have your consumer rights and they have to honor your warranty even if they refuse to do further business with you. But, I am spoiled by being from EU where consumers enjoy much better protection.

You could go to your CreditCard issuer and demand your money back. But first document your attempts to resolve the issues with Amazon peacefully. Send an official letter to Amazon demanding an official answer.

Be persistent. Explain that you never had related account or a returned item. Escalate your communication - ask to speak to the supervisor of the person that is communicating with you. Write [registered paper] letter to their headquarters. In the meanwhile try contacting some consumer rights protection organization.

Demand access to your legally purchased e-books. Argue that you clicked on a "buy" button and not on "rent" button when purchasing books.

Do. Not. Give. Up.
They are trying to make impression that your case is hopeless, so you stop bothering them. Prepare for a long fight, or write of your Kindle.
Thanks. All of these things have crossed my mind. Especially credit card protection.

I will persist with email communications for now. I will scan receipts, send proof of ID or whatever else I can think of until they stop feeding me canned responses and provide me a human response. There is still a concern in my mind that if my account was somehow compromised and/or abused, then my private details could have been at risk. But this is purely speculative until someone actually clarifies what rules were broken and how.
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