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Originally Posted by ApK View Post
Wow, that was brilliantly insightful and concise. You just saved me hours of checking back here.

And no, despite how it may sound, I do NOT mean that sarcastically.

I will be curious to hear what happens at the end, so I hope the OP will keep us posted.

(Oh, you can put me down for half a portion of disbelief, two something in-betweens, and it one...snide remark.)
Having brought my problem to you folks, I will try to update it as things unfold. If they unfold. After everything I've read in the past day, I'm expecting this to become a long, drawn out process.

I don't feel that I should let the matter drop without fighting for my rights. At this point, part of me feels like I no longer want to spend money at Amazon. But at the same time, I've already spent lots of money there over the years, and there are still two Kindles in this household, so it's not a simple solution to just walk away.

(I am also now blocked from Javari, despite being a good customer there too.)
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