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Amazon account closed


I admit, I was drawn to this forum via googling my problem and finding an older, similar previous thread that is now closed after veering off-topic.

But anyway, I have also just suffered the stress of having an Amazon account closed down without warning or detail. After a prolonged period, I eventually received the email tonight that stated:

"We've found your account is directly related to another account which has been previously closed for abuse of our policies. As such, your account has been closed and any open orders have been canceled. All other accounts related to yours have also been closed."

Unlike the previous poster, I have only ever had one Amazon account, in use since 2002/2003. I have never been a marketplace seller. I've had a pretty unexceptional history of buying occasional (but expensive) natural history books and random fiction, and never returned an item before.

This seems to have come about after my Kindle broke. It was frozen and wouldn't turn on. I contacted Amazon customer services, went through the technical support procedures and was told that it should be replaced. I was informed that my details would be passed onto sales and that a new device would be shipped to me ASAP. Although I received the technical support receipt, I never received a sales one.

I never thought too much of it and was busy myself, but after a week I attempted to login to Amazon to check on the status and couldn't. Whenever I would try a password reset, it didn't work.

A couple of days later I spoke to an apologetic person who passed on my problem to account services, promising a solution within 24 hours.

72 hours later, I received the email from accounts services providing the details quoted above.

Having quickly read over the other thread, I'm a bit stressed about obtaining a positive result. Although there were many cynics on that thread, I'm pretty baffled about what has gone wrong here.

Like I said, this is my sole Amazon account and until now I've never returned anything. My partner does also have an Amazon account, on a separate email address and credit card. Plus he typically ships to the UK, whereas I typically ship directly to my home in the Netherlands.

We did have a previous Kindle Keyboard in the family. I got on a flight in November only to discover that it no longer worked. Because we were on holiday and I wanted to read, I bought a new Kindle from a store. When we returned from holiday, my partner reported the broken Kindle Keyboard. It was a couple of weeks beyond one year old, so Amazon requested he pay 40 for a replacement, which he did. The replacement came and the broken model was returned.

Now my regular Kindle has broken after less than four months and I am locked out of my account without a means to get a replacement.

I am only mentioning the Kindle Keyboard story because it's also the only item that my partner has ever returned. His account even predates mine, and he's also never been a marketplace seller. What's more, his account has not been closed, so I do not believe his account is part of the problem.

I don't know if there's anyone here capable of providing me further advice that will resolve the situation. But I'm upset about three issues:

- If there has been fraudulent account activity, Amazon is not providing details or evidence, so I could still be at risk.

- I have a four-month old Kindle that is dead. If Amazon isn't going to replace it, what do I do? I have a receipt, a serial number and credit card proof of purchase.

- I have almost a decade of purchase history and now I am being told I am no longer entitled to be an Amazon customer.
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