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Let's start with the obvious. Is there power to the outlet the charger is plugged into? If you have another charger for the 701 (you probably don't), give that charger a try. Try gently jiggling the charger connector and see if the charging light illuminates. If you have a way to measure voltage, is the charger producing any output voltage, and if so is it near the voltage the 701 requires (12vdc iirc). With such a light load as a VOM (used to measure voltage) the voltage may be somewhat higher than normal.

Pull the SDHC card and see if that helps.

I see two other options here, a reset and popping the cover to pull the battery. It would be up to you to decide which one to do first. Other posters may have additional input on the matter, so if I were you I'd wait a bit before proceeding with either.

Hope you get it fixed, Jaxie. Good luck.
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