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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
There's nothing to disagree with. Going into detailed specifics of how to remove DRM is against the forum rules. As are links to websites that have DRM removal instructions/tools. This may not have always been the case in the past, but it certainly is now. General discussion about if it's possible and what to search for to find answers is acceptable. Specifics... no.

There is one post on the blog where you got the tools that is open to comments/questions and is regularly checked and advice is given. That's the appropriate place for questions about those tools.
That's fine. I didn't know there was any distinction in terms of general discussions vs. instructions and the like. Since rooting and other such things are discussed openly here I wasn't aware DRM was not. If that's the case the mod can feel free to delete this post.

BTW, I downloaded the epub again from B&N and it worked the second time. So issue resolved. I also removed the link to Apprentice Alf for compliance sake.



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