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Cannot remove DRM with Calibre ignobleepub plugin

I am trying to remove DRM from a B&N ePub book I purchased and downloaded from B&N's website.

I followed the instructions from Apprentice Alf (google if needed).

After installing the plugin and importing the book into Calibre it still had DRM. So I followed the ignobleepub readme troubleshooting instructions. Here is the output:

C:\eReader\books\Larry>calibredb add 9780310426288-ePub.v4.epub
IneptEpub: Using pycrypto.
IneptEpub: Calibre configuration directory = C:\Users\Derek\AppData\Roaming\calibre
IneptEpub: Keyfile calibre-adeptkey.der found in config folder.
IneptEpub: Not an Adobe Adept Epub... punting.
IgnobleEpub: Using PyCrypto.
IgnobleEpub: Calibre configuration directory = C:\Users\Derek\AppData\Roaming\calibre
IgnobleEpub: No keyfiles found. Checking plugin customization string.
IgnobleEpub: 1 userkey(s) generated from customization data.
IgnobleEpub: Not a B&N Adept Epub... punting.

I'm thinking B&N is doing something new to circumvent DRM removal. Any ideas why the plugin scripts fail?



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