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Originally Posted by vaniaspeedy View Post
As you can see in post 4, Emrexcem posted some code. I finally got around to testing it, and I am blown away. Turns out it fundamentally remakes the kindle into a non-ad version, allowing us to be able to use YiFanLu's custom screensaver mod -

Old post in spoiler.
pathartl found a way to quickly and easily remove ads.
However, on my kindle they keep popping back up. Using YiFanLu's GUI launcher, we can make a toggle for this.

What I did:
Downloaded pathartl's files
Restructured so that they will work with the GUI launcher
Wrote a menu and a config file

1. Install YiFanLu's GUI Launcher -
2. extract the AdToggle zip into the extensions folder
3. Reboot
4. Go to Menu --> Launcher --> Toggle Ads. They will be removed forever.

Restoring ads
1. Open extensions/AdToggle/bin/
2. comment out the first chunk of code (labelled as removing ads)
3. delete the # mark in front of the second chunk of code (labelled as restoring ads)
4. Run the script as in step 4 above.
5. (or just use v2.1, there are two profiles for this.)

Optionally just SSH in and delete /var/local/adunits, then move /var/local/adunits.bkp to /var/local/adunits

Custom Screensaver
Install YiFanLu's custom screen saver, and follow the instructions.

v2.1 has two profiles, hide and show
v2.0 just removes them, if you want them back you should edit the script
v1.5 is legacy, for those who want to keep their bottom banner

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something wrong with
should change profile1/ to bin/
now it is perfect, thank you!
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