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Exclamation Device freezes during taking notes

I have a PRS-950 and I would be the most happy man on earth, if it would not freeze during taking notes with the Text Memo tool.

I am using the reader for reading PDFs and than taking text memos of the files to create a literature review. Doing the same on the laptop, computer or anything not with e-ink display just kills my eyes in a couple of hours. I think I am not alone with this. So it would be realy nice to get this problem fixed, as otherwise the prs-950 is a very good tool to read pdf-s, highlight the text and take text memos.

Here is what happens. I start adding a new text memo, enter the text with the stylus, and at some point it freezes, and I either have to restart or it restarts by itself. It does not matter if I type slowly or quickly. The battery is fully charged. I have the updated firmware. I have tried removing all the notes I have taken and I also have removed all the text memos, there are only PDFs loaded on the reader (around 100 files, ~150 MB), with a lot of free space, but it still does the same. In fact it happens more and more often. It does not freeze during reading, just during entering the text memo.

Does anyone know a solution? Or has anyone else faced the same issue? Or should I just by another reader?

Thanks a lot!
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