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Creating internal links in EPUB from svg image

Hi - I seem to have got stuck in creating an EPUB e-book and would be grateful if anyone could help or point me in the right direction.

I have an island map done in svg which has various locations (currently identified by numbers). What I want to be able to do in the finished e-book is to click on any of the numbers and jump to the detailed page on the location via its unique id anchor. This works fine from a list of hrefs underneath but not part of the svg picture.

SVG images have a facility where objects in the image (such as the text numbers) can be ascribed an href and this appears to have been correctly set-up in the standalone island map but once combined in the HTML document there is no sign of any link from the html document and none in the EPUB created from the HTML document.

Possibly what I am attempting just isn't possible. Btw I don't want to attempt this in flash or java and the thought of doing it the old fashioned way with image slicing would just create too much code and isn't very efficient anyway.

So hopefully someone might have an idea or solution which could help. Thanks in advance.
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