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Sorry folks, been busy at work. Working 7 days a week till April 9th (read as: "Ok, but I'm gonna set the building on fire")

To catch up here (themechaniac, nice job helping out!).

No you do NOT extract the image file. Yes you need Linux. From what I can tell problems are caused by improper/corrupted partition/file tables on the internal memory card.

All the vox's I've put it on so far are running perfectly now. I've tried same thing with the new updates, but with mixed results. Ok, 3:30am, I'm going to bed, will read replies better in morning.

PS: Linux is a VERY good operating system, I recommend everyone tries it. I know, takes a little learning, but once you get the basics you will fly with it. Basic rule of thumb: Windows for Games and Adobe Collections, Linux for Everything else.

PPS: A cookie for anyone who knows that quote
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