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convert from 'new' mobipocket to 'old' mobipocket?


I have a query regarding converting from the newer mobipocket format to “old” mobipocket format.

Let me explain, I have an ebookman which has mobipocket 4.8 installed (since then mobipocket has stopped updating mobipocket for ebookman) which is not too much of a problem as I can read most books especially the non DRM variety. But sometimes, some of the books do not open on ebookman and flash a message that you need a newer version of mobipocket to open these books (No can do!). For example I can open most books from this site on my reader, but ‘David Balfour’ by Stevenson would not open. At first I thought it was the illustrations that caused the problem but that is not the case I can easily open the Gogols short story collection put together by Patricia on this site and Tolstoy’s Haji Murad both of which have photos, on my reader. Now I can live with not being able to open a book or two, but what is not so easy to live with that I can’t get the dictionary (the Webster1913 to open – which I am desperate to get) so I have two related questions and am hoping someone might be able to help

1. Is there any way by which a mobipocket book can be rebuilt as an “old” mobipocket book?
2. Bookdesigner 4 has a dedicated output button “ebm” (which is for outputting books in ebookman compatible mobipocket form). Is there some way by which I can use bookdesigner to convert Webster1913 on this site to ebm compatible? (My attempts on this so far have not been successful)

I would appreciate any help, suggestion – thanks.
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