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Unfortunately, I don`t have the time to follow this forum all the time, but I am glad that there is some response.
First of all, I want to say that I respect Booxtor and I don`t think that he wants to cheat me. His responses where promt and honest. That was a big part of my decision to buy M92 from his store at the first place. Hopefully, he will show me the same respect.
Second, I lost my hope for warranty repair. This case is impossible to prove for either side. We all know that I won`t be coming to Germany and try to sue

I don`t doubt that the screen is broken. I would like to know how it broke!
Even if it started with just a small splinter, for glass, it is expected to propagate over whole surface. I don`t know how big the crack was at the time it stopped working because I wasn`t permitted to open it.

So, hypotheticaly, lets say that you trust me when I say that there was no abuse, intentional or not. Let me get back to the question I started originally because I really don`t know what to do.
a) forget M92 and 400€
b) invest another 200€ and get back the device that broke with no abuse (just pretend that you belive me)
What would you advise me to do?

Why I still believe that it isn`t my fault?
After short searching the web I found this case:

A lot is going on there and the model is not M92 but the facts relevant to me are:
screen broke with no misuse (again, impossible to prove)
Onyx service is terrible
The device was replaced for free, but on expense of the trader who was not guilty at all. Not the way I would like to finish my case.

Lets think of Onyx quality control.
We all know how models M90 and M91S turned out. Lots of software and hardware problems (IR button, blind spots..). Even Booxtor himself refused to sell them. Onyx didn`t have that problem.
Is it so hard to believe that I got device which was not assembled properly? If Booxtor says that there is no chance for that I will believe him.
From my point of view, I used the device for 2 months and it broke. This was my first ereader, but I know how to handle electrical equipment and I didn`t abuse it (again, I can`t prove that). On the other side, I see the company with practically no quality control. Well, you can say that I knew that in the first place and you are wright. I learned my lesson.

So, to finish this. I gave up on warranty. I would just like an answer to the question that I asked, a or b? What would you do if you believed me?
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