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Originally Posted by tuxor View Post
In the first six months of Gewährleistung burden of proof is on the reseller's side. In the second part of those two years it's the other way round.
Nope. What counts for the customer is, that the seller has to proove it, if the unit is under "Garantie". The 6 months were extended long ago to 12 months for new products, btw. And ofcourse a producer can increase the "Garantie". It is not limited to 6 months. See Hyundai or KIA with 5 or 7 years of "Garantie" - not "Gewährleistung".

And if the producer or the reseller has to carry the costs is not of interest for us customers and also not for the poor user "focus" with his defective unit.

What is important for him and therefore i wrote my comment:
He has a defective unit that was purchased only 2 months ago as NEW. This means, the seller has to proove the mistreatment of the unit on behalf of the customer or otherwise solve the problem.

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