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iPad; Last page disappears (sometimes)


I'm a newbie. Please don't shoot me down in flames if this has an obvious answer, or has been covered many times. I have searched the forum, but didn't find an answer.

So, I've been working away on my fixed layout epub for iPad. After many revisions I now have it going through validation (FlightCrew & IDPF) without any errors.

Thing is, that there appears to be an error when I actually view the file on my iPad (the new HD one). When I get to the last page, the image is visible when the page is in the process of turning, but then disappears when the page is fully open, and then when you shoogle around (page turning back and forth) re-appears.

At this stage I don't know whether this is a glitch with my epub file or my iPad. I'm guessing that it's most likely to be some shonky code that I've written, perhaps not closing some piece of code ...but as I'm no coder I'm not sure where to look.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Is it just me?

Any pointers at all?

Thanks in advance.
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