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Originally Posted by kevn57 View Post
I charged up my new Touch to 100% this afternoon, after reading for 2 hours it was at 95% then in standby for 2 1/2 hours now it's at 92%. WiFi is off and has the new 1.1 firmware was installed earlier in the day. This seems like it's using a lot of power.

I've only had it for two days, should I bring it back?

Well, I had similar high battery usage, but then I found a great solution: I rooted my Nook and use another ereader program (NOT B&N) to read. As an example, I last charged up my Nook 7 days ago. I read with it 3-5 hours a day (during lunch and after the kids have gone to bed). I am still at 74% battery life. I used to not get a week between charges with the B&N software.

The B&N software is still there, and I can use it if I like, but I really don't have a reason to.

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