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Originally Posted by Colin Dunstan
I used to encrypt passwords (PINs, CC #'s, Logins) on my Sony Clie using Strip, a free open-source tool using AES-256bit encryption. Without much bells and whistles, but it worked (I would never trust a closed-source product in this regard).

Now, on Pocket PCs, I have yet to find a reliable open-source implementation of a strong cipher such as AES. Right now that leaves me totally unprotected, even my weekly backups on SD Card are unprotected (Sprite offers a password requirement, but it is easily defeated). In other words, someone could steal the card and have the full content of my PDA ;(
What about gnupg? There are binaries for Pocket PC available at

Or Bruce Schneier's Password Safe (using Blowfish) available from
Only the 1.9.2 version is avialable for Pocket PC at the moment

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