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Sony PRS-T1 or Nook Simple for root?

Hello, I've recently decided to buy my first ereader. So far, I've narrowed it down to either the Sony PRS-T1 or the Nook Simple Touch because both can be rooted easily and I can install Market apps that can expand on what they can already do (different pdf viewers, web browser for the nook, etc.).

What I plan on using my ereader for would be browsing and reading fanfiction, occasionally reading a pdf (for college textbooks and the like), and reading regular ebooks and/or manga. I know the Sony supports audio, but I don't really care about that since I plan on using my ereader at work and wifi tethering it from my phone and I can just as easily use my phone for music.

I also don't care about what libraries are available to me, such as the Barnes and Noble store or the amazon store; I don't intend on buying ebooks.

So far, I am leaning towards the Sony since the browser is much smoother than the one on the Nook and seems to deal with pdfs better.

My roommate is pushing me towards a nook, however, since he has one and he says it's VERY difficult to brick a Nook as you can take an image of it, put it on an mini SD card and recover from that. Also, android and market apps seem to render much better on the Nook than the Sony. He is also very leery of Sony given how Sony can be kind of sleazy about DRM and locking things down (PS3 debacle over other OS, putting spyware on music CDs, etc).

So, I suppose my question is, what would you guys recommend? How is Sony in regards to their ereaders? I briefly considered a Kindle until I heard about amazon deleting books right off your Kindle library and that REALLY turned me off. Is Sony equally sleazy like that? And is it as easy to recover from bricks on the Sony as it is on the Nook?
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