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Adobe Acrobat and Sigil

I realize that those with money use InDesign with Sigil; however, recently, I've been experimenting on how I can, as best as possible, do some quicker dirty conversions without doing a lot of html/css code editing. After creating a document with tables in Microsoft Word, I've used Acrobat 10 (driver) inside Word to create a PDF file. I then opened the PDF in Acrobat and saved it as an html file.

Next I opened the html file in Sigil and saved it as an epub. I haven't examined the html code yet, but visually, I note that tables resize well with text that reflows inside the tables. In fact, Sigil validation found no errors. (I've also opened up some Adobe Digital Edition ebooks that don't have digital management and saved them as html files. Again, tables seem to resize well)

Has anyone done any extensive testing of using Adobe Acrobat to save PDF files as html files and then using these files in Sigil?
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