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It's not my intention to steal the thread AndyCapon, but I have a question in a similar PDF vein so I was hoping I could piggyback on yours...

I don't have a device yet. Mostly I would read PDFs, but for screenplays for movies.

The screenplays fall into two categories-- scanned (which I guess are essentially image PDFs that get about 4 or 6 MB in size) and those printed directly to PDF, which are much smaller in size since they're purely text.

I was wondering if I could post a couple and have an Iliad user test to see how it handles the formatting?

I created a here that has:

Bad Santa (274kb, printed to pdf) and
The Big Lebowski (3MB, scanned to pdf)

Again, I apologize (and please ignore) if you feel this is too off topic from the original question.
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