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Originally Posted by vldmr View Post
Well, since I have not got to changing code for anything, I decided just to try pre-built apk from project page (orion_viewer_0.27.4_edge_eink_beta.apk). And indeed it worked the same way as my own built - it display both pdf and djvu files correctly on both eink and lcd.

The page fits differently on two screens, but that should not be a problem. The program correctly fits page of pdf file into eink screen by itself. The djvu files that I tried had different page sizes inside single document, in general program fit width of djvu's into eink screen which resulted in bottom of the page outside the view port, the program brought bottom portion of page into view on page turn.

Zoom works well, although the values are not intuitive, but it is easy to adjust it with trial and error, so djvu's can quickly be brought to full page view on eink.

Rotation works correctly as well: pressing rotate button on edge rotates only lcd screen but not eink, selecting rotate in program menu rotates both screens.

I also tried it on Pocket Edge, and it works there as well, in an identical way.

All in all very impressive debut on Edge. Now if native eink buttons could be handled for navigation, and some facility for turning off back-light would be added, I'd say the program would be ready for prime-time.
It work perfect now. I pull the new source ,build again.

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