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Calibre Catalog and Kindle Fire

I hope I can explain what I am attempting to do so it's clear and understandable.

1) I want a catalog of my 290 books showing titles, descriptions, series and a check mark by read books.

2) This should be viewable as a book, showing all of the above in the Kindle Fire.

I have created a custom column in Calibre for "Read" and manually entered the "yes/no" entries, which shows a check mark by the read books in Calibre.

This has worked okay except when I copy it into the Fire there are check marks by all books, rather than just the read ones.
The Calibre viewer shows the checks by the read books just fine BEFORE doing a convert. AFTER converting (as below), there are NO check marks showing in the Calibre viewer.

I've also been fighting the "pdoc/ebok" problem of books loading into Documents and not viewable. I found that a blank in the Preferences/Mobi Output section results in the catalog loading into Documents on the Fire. The only way I could get it into Books was to enter an EBOK there and then doing a convert.

Does Calibre do a convert while creating the catalogue?

The catalog loads into the Fire Books this way, but there are check marks by all the books.

Anyone have an answer? If so, please step me through it as I'm a newbie to Calibre and am totally at a loss at this point. Thanks in advance for any solutions and I am just getting a handle on this fabulous program.

Using latest versions Calibre 8.42 and Windows 7, latest update of Fire

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