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Weird Send to Device Problem, Using author as title

Notes: I'm running Calibre 0.8.42 on Linux (Debian Stable "Squeeze"). This was working fine with previous versions. I've tried a few things already, reinstalling, resetting etc.

I have this odd problem. I have the following magazines:

I'm using {author_sort}/{series}/{title} as my Save to Disc and Send to Device save template. This works fine when I save to disc but when I send to device it uses the author as the title for example [KINDLE]/documents/Publications, Penny/Asimov's Science Fiction/Penny

This is also affecting books, both old ones added before the upgrade and new ones added after it.

EDIT 2: I've tested the latest version on Windows 7 and it works fine.

EDIT 3: Must have been a problem with the configuration or upgrade. I completely removed the Calibre settings directory instead of just restoring to default, reapplied the settings I use and it worked.

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