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Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
Don't forget that this isn't the only method of debricking. It certainly is the most powerful one, but for "simple" brick cases, (i.e. when the Kindle still appears as a USB drive), the data.tar.gz method could still work. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose:

1. Plug the Kindle to your computer. If it shows up as a usb drive, put both files from here on that drive, then eject it.
2. Reset the Kindle (press power for ~20 secs, until it restarts)
3. The jailbreak will be installed, at the same time trying a factory reset. This sometimes hangs after execution, so if you see the jailbreak screen for, say, 2 minutes, just reset it again.

No guarantees, but I know this method has worked for at least 3 people whose Kindle was stuck in the same state as yours.
Thanks man for the help, i didn't mention that my computer not recognize as a usb drive too, and still keeps the boy behind the tree.
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