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Battery Replacement

Can anyone measure the voltage of the battery with a simple voltimeter-tester? DC.

Look for the battery that is mentioned here (US473850A8T) and is sold like 3.7 volts.

It is possible that it accepts voltages from 3.7 - 5.2 for charge , or the Sony has an internal stabilizer IC to reduce the voltage from the charger (5.2 volts).

All pages to buy this battery are in chinese with register.

Here Sony Li-Polymer [ 3.7V ] batteries :

I think is only to drop the yellow tape from PRS battery and sold 2 wires (red-black) with conector from old to new battery.

But the problem is to identify the correct model of battery and buy it in chinese.

Battery from PRS-505 may be not equal to the PRS-500 as I see in this photos :

I can read only US32xxxxxxH

And I cannot find none battery with similar reference.

Although may be the same as 500 with another manufacturer , ru ?

Measures from 500 are : (50mm x 37mm x 4.7mm)

Here batteries from sony clie 3.7 volts looks similar:
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