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Custom Columns and Anthologies

I'm not sure how to best word this; apologies if I'm unclear.

Is there a way to create a custom column that has an auto-complete function which would be populated on-the-fly from the existing values across the entire library of another column?

Perhaps an example would be best...

I have a file of an anthology book (Flatlander, by Larry Niven), which contains 5 short stories. I also have those 5 short stories as separate files.

I'd like a custom column for the anthology, "Contains", where I can select all of those individual short stories as part of the anthology. The behavior would be similar to how the "author" column auto-completes what you're typing based on the existing values across the entire Library - just in this case, it would provide suggestions from the "title" field.

So Flatlander's "Contains" field would have the values, "Death by Ecstasy, The Defenseless Dead, ARM, The Patchwork Girl, The Woman in Del Rey Crater".

Alternately, is there already some built-in way to manage anthologies that I'm utterly unaware of?
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