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Thanks for your answers

@theducks: I'm very sorry I didn't explain correctly what i was thinking about. Give me another chance.

I don't have periodical comics. That's the reason why i referred to "European" comics... like Tintin for example.
The great feature I love in Calibre is his webserver. I can choose from bed a book from my library and transfer it to my iPhone without turning on iTunes. When trying with comics, it proposes me to transfer the comic in my iPhone comic reader ComicZeal.

Today, all my CBR are managed in ComicRack because I love its native comic reader. But to have them available in the Calibre Webserver, I have to insert them all. At this point I would have All my CBR physically duplicated in 2 different files system. To avoid this situation, we could imagine having CR pointing on the Calibre File System... OK if CR could handle Calibre opf metadata into the file NTFS substream... Which is the main question. Workaround are ok if they do the trick (like a similar CR webserver, but it's also a solution I would like to avoid)

I didn't find any stickies on this subject, but I might have forget some of them.

@ilovejedd: I use the internal CR comic reader and ComicZeal on iPhone.

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