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This is all very hazy so use at your own risk.

Before doing any of this I would recommend using the internal tool to move the Library too and from the external SDCard a couple times to try and force everything back into alignment.

Unfortunately I didn't make any notes on the format of the fstab format used by the edge if this is what is messing up.

You can check to see what is pointing were using the command ls -l from the command line. You want /sdcard to point to where you have your library setup.

If you need to make a new vfat.img this is what I would try from the command line:
vfat.img is just a file that is a hunk of space mounted via loopback (a linux think allowing files to be used as devices) the file is 2.5 gigs large and formated with the vfat file system

making the file:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/intstorage/vfat.img bs=1024 count=2621440

formating the file: mkfs.vfat (using a man page on mkfs.vfat so the busybox might be different)

mkfs.vfat -F 32 /intstorage/vfat.img
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