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Best of 2 worlds (CBR & ePub

Hi all,

I'm looking for advices concerning eBooks management.
I do have 2 separate libraries:
  • A first one with CBR European and Japanese comics (I mean , not marvel style), organized by series name / volume / title (3.5K).
  • A second handling ePub books managed through Calibre (3K).

One of my objective is to use the nice calibre features to display ebooks and CRB on my iPhone. I also would like to use its embed metatada scraper (amazon & google) to retrieve missing comics metadata.

The real pain here is the Calibre's files management behavior... If i import my CR directories into Calibre, I would duplicate all my CBR. If I choose to keep only the Calibre version to fill comics metadata, I won't be able to use CR on the Calibre files system because I couldn't find any metadata transfer feature between both tools (therefore the comics organization within CR would be terrible).

The ideal situation would be to enhance both tools integration so that I can Import CBR into Calibre (retrieve metadata & use the great ebooks server to read both ePub and CBR on my device), but could also use CR on Calibre file system to use all nice CR display features.

If someone knows a how-to, I'll go for it. ^^

Thanks for your advices

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