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is there any way to get kindle 3 hacks/mods on a kindle touch?

ive been looking at the long list of kindle 3/keyboard hacks while looking for hacks for my kindle touch, and there are a lot of nice features that i would love to have but arent supported. ive seen the kindle touch hacks wiki but nearly all of them are low level stuff (usbnet, wpa support, extend) and arent much use to a semi smart nerd who just wants to be able to have less tethering to his pc. in short i want to know if someone could port over a few mods (ill try and exclude ones already ported.)
(im typing this on my kindle so im not doing any hyperlinking these mods should be well known)

1: freedownloader, it would be great to download pdfs and mp3s and store them in the correct directory without having to teather to a computer to do so.
2: epub support, reading books without having to convert them in clibre would be aweome.
3: a way to free unsed memory, when reading pdfs and then doing something else like browsing the web or listening to mp3s i notice lag/crashes/freezes but when i restart, it runs much better.
4: a way to stream mp3s: theres another thread on mplayer on KT but aparently it lacks streaming support.

im unsure how hard it would be to do the ports as the archetecture is part java part html, but any help or directions to a thread where the ports are would be greatly apreciated.
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