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mokay, Diap guy, I'm beginning to see what you're saying. The answer on my own sad thread was a little abrupt, and I'm obviously not that savvy - so I'm still trying to figure all this out. But still - I opened that other .mobi with Springy, and now that puzzles me more than ever. I'm going to have to go back to the beginning and try to figure out how these utilities work. Starting from the beginning offers a HUGE learning curve. I mean, I can read the HTML and I know something about CSS, but I don't work with these things every day, so what I've learned I have to revisit every time I do a project. You guys all know so much, maybe you forget to have mercy on the grasshoppers among you. The CS5.5 inDesign plug in generates all that repetitive code you are talking about. The p tag before every flipping paragraph, even though there's no reason to reestablish the identity of the text. Like putting quotation marks around every word in a line of dialogue. But in looking at the generated HTML, I begin to see what I could do by hand, if I wanted to.

So do any of you have any insight now that inDesign's plug-in is up and running? I hate Calibre. The interface intimidates me - it doesn't feel intuitive at all. And are you guys PC or MAC, because it's hard for me to read the posts and understand them if I don't know which platform you're talking about.
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