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Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
This is one issue I've never had with Android. In all the Android reader apps I've tried, I'm able to set a "watch" folder which the reader app searches for ebooks. Some apps copy the ebooks to their own folders while some just read the books directly from the "watch" folder. As for file transfers, I use File Expert which works fairly seamlessly with Windows shares. I think Linux NFS might be supported, too. Granted, I still connect via cable if I have a lot of files I need to copy. Wireless just takes too long.

Lol, so that's why. I just saw the 1st gen Transformer at Office Depot yesterday and it was a thing of beauty. It seemed lighter than the iPad 2, too, although it's hard to actually tell with the security cable plugged in the back. I've been considering getting the Transformer since it was released based solely on the spec sheet but figured it might be best to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, I'm definitely convinced I'll get the new Transformer when it comes out.
Hi all. I wanted to add that I have since figured out how to optimize the settings for book reading on the Transformer. I have also upgraded all the Asus tablets to ICS. All I can say is WOW. Everything seems to move faster. I also like the additional customization features ICS offers.

Oh, and I finally broke down and bought my own. 32GB on Amazon warehouse deals "Like New" for $324 with free shipping.
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