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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
No need to add my data.tar.gz if it has already been installed.

I do not think there is a "halt" or "shutdown -h now" command in there, but you could try. It has "reboot" but that just reboots.

You could try "idme -d --bootmode fastboot" then "reboot" to put it in fastboot mode, where it seems to charge well over a usb connection (no fastboot program needed).

P.S. your dmesg will fail if there is no "logs" folder on your USB drive. Either create one or remove it from the dmesg path.
I made
test -f /mnt/us/RUNME.done && exit
mkdir /mnt/us/logs
dmesg > /mnt/us/logs/gmesg.log
touch /mnt/us/RUNME.done
sent it to Kindle in USB device mode, hard reset and nothing. LED didn't turn on after releasing power button. I tryed MgfTool to load main u-boot, but after "Operation complited" nothing happend. So I booted in diags as USB device and there is no dmesg.log anywhere.

I added data.tar.gz and it dissapeared, but didn't run.

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