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Okay, the tts-README.txt at limits to 1 male and 1 female (or 2 total voice packs only) on the KT. Substituting the "Tom" and "Samantha" with the other voices using the dsmid's file convention will just replace the "male" and "female" selection in the TTS, which is the best hack for the KT at this time.

As for the Chinese voice pack, I have not found a ready made *.zip language pack like those processed by seaniko7 . The closest free Chinese voice that I've found is at, and the encoding is not formatted to the *.dat or *.hdr files like those used for the Kindle TTS. I also tried to extract the Duokan Lite install files, because Duokan supports English and Chinese for their TTS. But this is beyond me, because I will just risk bricking if I try to re-format and use those files.

However, I suspect the reason that Kindle's TTS engine does not support Chinese is because Chinese requires a different TTS engine (being non-Latin) in addition to the voice pack. SVOX has a free TTS engine for Android but sells the Chinese voice pack, and that does not mean it is compatible with Kindle TTS. So unless someone else more knowledgeable is willing to hack the voice pack of the 2nd most used language on the internet, then I suggest waiting for Duokan to release their Kindle Touch version with English/Chinese TTS.

Yes, I'm wimping out...

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