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my reasons

i've included a few thoughts below

Originally Posted by croyd View Post
Hi all,

I just started looking into an eReader and I was looking at the Kobo Vox tablet. I have a few questions for Kobo Vox owners and other folks who have returned it.

1) Why choose a tablet reader over a dedicated ereader? What are the main advantages and disadvantages?

BOTTOM LINE: I wanted a web access and android app access

ADVANTAGES: Biggest advantages are decent colour screen with wifi access to 'some android apps' (others require "rooting" the device). Backlit with a dimmer is much better than having to buy a dedicated like for eInk display.

DISADVANTAGE: heavier, no direct root access to Android OS, and my personal irritation is the stupid startup sound that can't be disabled

2) For Kobo Vox owners, what are the best strengths in your opinion on the Vox?

See 1 above

3) What are its' weakest points and why? Could you please prioritize them as the weakest one being the first in the list.

Vs. a standard ereader I'd say weight and battery life

4) For Kobo Vox folks that returned them, why did you return the product and how long did you spend with it before you returned it?

5) For people that chose another ereader, what was the the reason?

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