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Originally Posted by afv011 View Post
Use Sigil. These are the steps:
  • Open your book
  • Expand the "Images" section on the left
  • Right click on the image you have set as cover
  • Select "Add Semantics" and then "Cover"
  • Save your book
I don't have Sigil installed yet, but in Windows if there is a cover that cannot be seen because of content= before name="cover" it also works to:
  • Open the epub as an archive using 7zip
  • Extract the folder containing the .opf file ~ OEBPS, OPS, etc. With Project Gutenburg is it a numbered folder with the number being the PG index for the book.
  • Open the .opf file ~ often content.opf ~ with Wordpad.
  • Search for name="cover"
  • Cut the name="cover" including the leading space, and paste it right after "<meta"
  • Save the file(1).
  • With 7zip, pick "add to archive", hit the [...] button at the top right, select the epub, hit [OPEN] in the file browser, then [OK] in the main control panel.

(1. Note that I have my file folder view options set to show all file extensions, which prevents the misbehavior of some Windows apps in messing around with file extensions.)

I'll experiment with getting a sed script that can do the editing reliably. Adding a cover for the Home page requires adding the cover to the zip archive, and in the .opf file adding a <meta tag for a cover (rather than editing one that exists), and adding the cover image to the manifest. The Nook Color home page, at least, does not require that an embedded cover is in the spine, though some other ereaders expect it there.

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